I have been thinking about posture lately. Not just physical posture–keeping your head above your neck, your back straight, etc.–but other types of posture too:

1. Mental posture. What are you thinking about right now? Are you at work? If so, what is taking your mind away from what it needs to be doing? If not, what are you doing with your mental ‘spare time?’ Not right now (you are reading my blog! thank you!), but typically what do you do during the mental down times? This area of life is seldom explored and I think many people could improve their lives by lifting up the rug that sits over this mental space and cleaning out all the dust that is being hidden by mental bad habits.

2. Emotional posture. Are you easily upset? Angered? How often do you let your voice assume that sharp tone reserved for utterances intended to hurt people? This type of posture is more difficult to control than mental posture, but is equally important.

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