Burke Bowl

I went skiing last weekend on the hills surrounding a local set of football and soccer fields with a friend. It was around 20 degrees F outside, and the snow was icy and fast, which more than made up for the thin cover. Here are some of the lines we took:

Approx vertical drop = 45′

The top line that crosses the road allows for a nice little jump as you cross the road, with a relatively comfortable & steep landing. We didn’t manage to get much air there on account of the snow cover being thin. In icier conditions it should be possible to really send it off of that road!

The middle line goes through a gate and has a second drop down to the lower field.

The third line typically is the sledding hill that kids use on snow days.

It took roughly 60 min for us to become physically exhausted from walking up and down the hills with our skis, but we both agreed that the experience, overall, definitely felt like “skiing.”

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