ChatGPT Has No Ads

ChatGPT does not display any ads alongside or inside of its responses. Here is an example:

Great answers! They are not that different in terms of content from my non-ad-blocked experience inside of google search — showers, dry heat, scratching, lotions — seems like many of the same bases are covered, with Google a little more rough around the edges, but with no notable ads displayed in the first few search results, to their credit:

To get prose, you have to click into a link — “Vistadermsa” seems like it is someone’s business so let’s look at the second, more generic sounding “Healthline”:

INFINITI! NY PRESBYTERIAN! These ads took like 3 seconds to load and totally ruined my experience. Chalk one up for ChatGPT.

With Sam Altman simultaneously spiking the football on its rapid adoption and its intensive compute cost I think we should all take a deep breath and ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How much of our collective delight with ChatGPT is attributable to it being an ad-free version of google search?
  • What would an ad-supported version of ChatGPT look like?
  • Do ads make an AI experience feel “less intelligent?”
  • What would a “native ad” experience be inside of ChatGPT and how is it different from outright misinformation?
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